Balancing Operations and Innovation
Modernizing your security Platform
Aligning your IT to your business goals
Building a next-generation workplace

takes Foresight

We Help You Navigate Complex IT Challenges.

Foresight supports all of your organizational requirements including discovery, planning and design activities. We will identify your cyber security requirements and deliver the highest levels of protection for your existing infrastructure, budget, staff resources, and specific business requirements..
Innovate smarter.

Digital Innovation

From ideation to execution, we’ll help you drive meaningful outcomes with the IoT, artificial intelligence and more.
Business outcomes:
Differentiated experiences
Monetized existing offerings
New revenue streams
Maximized tech potential
Secure your environment.


We’ll help you with protection and visibility for your greatest cyber security risk and threats
Business outcomes:
Reduce enterprise-wide risk
Proactively Prevent, Detect and Respond to threats
Operational efficiency
Compliance to regulatory frameworks
Work smarter.

Connected Workforce

Seamlessly connecting people, tools and support helps keep workers productive, engaged and inspired.
Business outcomes:
Productive workplace
Secure environment
Simplified technology
Powerful experiences
Invest smarter.

Technology Optimization

By optimizing your technology, we help you simplify processes, maximize resources and invest in the future.
Business outcomes:
Reduced costs
More time & resources
Vendor consolidation
Maximized IT value

Client stories

A large, high-profile financial services provider in Nigeria has recently seen an increase in targeted cyber attacks.

One of the largest securities firms and investment banks in the country partnered with us

A pension Fund Administrator in Nigeria wanted more insight into its level of phishing susceptibility

Insurance Firm Comprehensive, Rapid and Cost-Effective Network Protection Against Escalating DDoS Attacks

Our success starts with our culture.


Status quo? Not at Foresight. Our insatiable desire to create new opportunities for our clients and our business is apparent in everything we do.


We seek to have a positive impact in the lives of the people we serve by always putting our clients, partners and teammates first.


We invite perspective, and we consistently celebrate each other’s unique contributions as we work together to bring the best solutions to our clients.

Who we are and what we do goes far beyond providing technology solutions.

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Subscribe To Our Weekly Newsletter